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Photo Feets

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Running time : 28:01 min

Actors : Marcus Mojo, Tyler Torro


You wanted the best, YOU GOT IT! Here are two of hottest studs out there, having fun, getting photographed, and trying new things. It's the always amazing Marcus Mojo and the incredibly sexy Tyler Torro together at last. The guys are bringing you along for a quick photo session, then getting into some hot action. Check out Marcus as his mouth enjoys Tyler's rock hard dick and then as he takes a passionate fucking only the way Mojo can.

And get ready for a never-before, first-time piece of action! Tyler Torro is stretching his boundaries by jerking off Marcus...with his foot! Could this be the beginning of big new things for the oh-so-hot-right-now Mr. Torro? You be the judge!


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