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Captured By A Fiend

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Running time : 35:37 min

Actors : Marcus Mojo, Johnny Torque


Marcus Mojo has fallen prey to a depraved sicko named Johnny Torque. After a night of partying and wild carrying on, Mojo needed to rest. Torque dragged him to his grimy dungeon. Either way, Mojo's not happy...at first.

When Torque, an unpredictable sexual deviant, begins rubbing on Mojo's crotch, things take a strange turn. Soon Torque is on his knees with Mojo's hard cock in his mouth, sucking hard. Despite the chains, Mojo finds himself enjoying the irresistible blowjob. Torque, deciding his captive may cooperate, releases him only to pound his sweet ass like the twisted sex fiend he is.


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